Ruckus WatchDog Support programs for Enterprises

Ruckus Wireless offers quality, knowledgeable and responsive worldwide support for wired and wireless products Ruckus has a new support offering branded "WatchDog": to better meet customers & partners most demanding needs and increase their ease of doing business.

WatchDog Overview

Ruckus offers a number of WatchDog support options:

  • WatchDog Support on ICX Products: this brings the traditional support ICX customers have enjoyed for years under the Ruckus umbrella.
  • Partner WatchDog Premium support for Wi-Fi products is purchased by Ruckus qualified VARs who provide level 1 & 2 support. 
  • WatchDog Premium support for Wi-Fi Products  can be purchased by customers from authorized partners. Support is directly provided by Ruckus.
  • WatchDog AP Advanced Hardware Replacement is a separate support option that can be used by either customer or partners who desire advanced replacement for their access point hardware.

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