How to Register and Activate Licenses for Cloud Hosted SPoT


How to Register and Activate Licenses for Cloud Hosted SPoT

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How to Register and Activate Licenses for Cloud Hosted SPoT
Requesting an Account for SPoT registration.
  • Once you have purchased your SPoT license, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access your account in the SPoT Admin portal
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  • Click the link in the SPA Email to go visit the “Register” page
  • Enter a Group Name and your registration information to register.
  • Click Register.
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  • The “Thank you for Registering” page appears.
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  • A registration email is sent to the email address entered. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your SPoT admin account registration.
Note: It may take about 24 hours for customer to receive registration confirmation, if you do not receive the confirmation contact Ruckus support Contact-us

Activating Licenses for Cloud Hosted SPoT            User-added image
  • The License page is where Client Capacity Licenses are activated
  • Key in the activation code and click on Save.
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  • The Licenses will be added to the Group for use across venues set up under the Group. Along with the Activation codes, the license page will display the License SKU, quantity of the SKU, order date and expiry date. This page will also display the total number of Client Capacity for the Group
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Contact Ruckus Support for any issues/queries

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