How to activate and add unleashed URL license




How to activate and add unleashed URL license

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unleashed AP's.


In case of unsuccessful activation, contact Ruckus customer support


URL Filtering service requires an active URL filtering license to function. URL filtering licenses can be purchased from Ruckus partners and distributors.

Follow the below steps to activate the Unlshd URL Filtering and apply it to the device.

Have Unleashed ID ready.

How to get Unleashed ID.

   Go to Admin & Services > System > System Info. 
   Click Admin & Services, and expand the System tab to configure system settings 
   The System Info page displays the firmware version, system name, and  Unleashed ID

   Click Copy.     
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How to activate Unlshd URL Filtering.

Open the Support Purchase Acknowledgement (SPA) email you have received from Ruckus/Disti/VAR for your order

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Log in to the Ruckus Support portal:
Click the activation code in the email to activate
Accept the terms and conditions and click on Activate Purchase
Click on the Hyperlink for the product code((you can see the Quantity Activated and To Be Activated)

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Enter the Unleashed ID and click on Validate Serial Number

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Select device model and click register device &bind to support button
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Unlshd URL Filtering will be bound to the Unleashed ID.

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Once the support is activated, the server takes about 24 hours to generate the latest support file/URL license (.SPT). After 24 hours, you can download the support file/URL license.

Applying for URL Filtering license

Go to Admin & Services > Services > URL Filtering.

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In the License tab, configure any of the following:
  • Update Services By File: Import a new locally saved license file.
  • Renew Services Online: Connect to the Ruckus license server to download a license file.
  • Show Details: Select the license file from the list and click Show Details to view license expiration details.
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Update Services by file--Upload file

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Click Yes.
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URL licenses added.

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Temp URL licenses will be added after the URL filtering profile created and enable URL profile. 90days temp license for 128AP
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