why switch groups are not in the GUI anymore?


Customer was upgrading one of the AP zones and after doing that they realized that the Switch group was not appearing on GUI. The only switch they have was there though but not assigned to any groups.


why switch groups are not in the GUI anymore?

Customer Environment

SZ100 in 5.2.1

Root Cause

When using Super user (with admin privileges) this issue is there. When using admin user issue is not there, Switch groups are shown.

Troubleshooting Steps

From switch.critical.log there are a lot of these messages continually, 

2021-04-20 06:02:24,847 Web[wsg-exec-91] WARN  c.r.w.r.s.a.UserPermissionDetailsService  - The user (92cc1b65-c3cd-4f26-8c9b-3e7b055c7c25, admin) attempting to login does not associate with any user groups.


Re-config and save the user again.

Do following steps,
administration -- > admins and roles -> select the "super admin" row (the row with user "super") and config -- > do not change anything and keep clicking on next and then save the config.

After this issue is solved.

Article Number:

April 23, 2021 04:48 AM (about 1 year ago)

Performance, Troubleshooting, Known Issues and Workarounds, SZ144, SZ300, Ruckus ICX Switches, virtual SmartCell Gateway, SZ100


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