Why will my Galaxy S10+ phone check-listed to work with Ruckus AP not connect to Ruckus CBSD/AP?


Smartphone will not work out of the box. One needs to change APN parameters to connect to Ruckus LTE network.


Why will my Galaxy S10+ phone check-listed to work with Ruckus AP not connect to Ruckus CBSD/AP?

Customer Environment

After unlocking the phone, verifying that phone supports band 48 as per CBRS Alliance, checking with Ruckus that phone has been tested to work, and upgrading SW to at least Feb 1, 2020 SW version; the phone still does not connect to Ruckus AP.

Root Cause

APN parameters need to be changed to 'internet' for initial smartphone connection

Troubleshooting Steps



There is a parameter within the phone called APN (Access Point Networks) and these are the parameters that the phone used to connect the SIM to the LTE network.  By default, the APN parameters out of the box will not work with a Ruckus LTE / Ruckus SIM solution.  If you are not using a Ruckus LTE/SIM solution, then please refer to your LTE/SIM provider for APN instructions.

For Ruckus LTE/SIM solution, please go to the following phone settings to chane APN parameters.
Go to Settings --> Connections --> Mobile Networks --> Access Points Names --> Add

Within this section under Name add 'internet' and under APN add 'internet'.  Also MCC (mobile country code) should be 315 and MNC (mobile network code) should be 010 (There is a bug in Galaxy S10 where it shows 01 for MNC but it should auto populate to 010 if GS10+ is running Feb or post Feb 2020 SW), change all 4 of those parameters.  Then click on the 3 dots to Save the profile called internet. 

Below is a visual of the first 4 parameters that need to be modified, Name and APN along with the MCC and MNC:
User-added imageUser-added image
After you have saved the profile and selected the APN internet profile, go to Mobile Networks, select Network Operators, and finally select 315010 and your phone will connect 1-4 mins later:

User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

Once it is connected to Ruckus AP and Ruckus LTE, you will see the words ‘LTE’ next to the 5 bars.

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