How to configure Guestpass self service with Sponsor Approval on ZD?


This article provides information on configuring Guestpass self service with Sponsor Approval on ZD


How to configure Guestpass self service with Sponsor Approval on ZD?

Customer Environment

ZD with software version 9.10.x and above.


The Guest pass self service is supported on ZD starting from firmware version 9.10.x and above. This feature allows guests to connect to a guest SSID and submit basic information (name, email address and mobile phone number) to receive a guest pass code.
Steps to enable Guest Pass Self-Service:

   Access Duration: Select the default access time provided with one guest pass in days, hours or weeks. (Default is one day.)   
   Session: Optionally, enable the session limitation to require guest pass users to re-login after the specified time period.    

   Max Device: Allow multiple devices to share a single guest pass. (Default is unlimited.)     
Guest Self Service 
Sponsor Authentication Server: Select the authentication server to be used for sponsor authentication. When a guestpass approval request is sent to the sponsor's email, the sponsor must click the link in the email, log in to this authentication server,  and approve or reject the request. Options include Local Database, Active Directory, LDAP and RADIUS.           
Note: ZoneDirector must be configured with your SMTP settings for email delivery, or with a valid Twilio or Clickatell account to deliver guest passes via SMS.

Client Connectivity:
  • When the user connects to the WLAN, he/she submits registration information along with a Sponsor's email address and waits for sponsor approval. 
  • The Sponsor receives an email request and clicks a link to allow this user access to the guest WLAN.
  • The user name and password must exist on the Authentication Server (Local Database, AD, LDAP or RADIUS) configured with guest pass generation privileges for this guest access service. 
  • Once the registration is approved, ZoneDirector then generates a guest pass and sends it to the user via email and/or SMS using the contact information the user provided.
  • User can authenticate against the guest WLAN using the guest pass provided.

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