How do I open a support case on the Ruckus Networks' Support Portal?


Customer would like to open a support case via Ruckus Networks Support Portal


How do I open a support case on the Ruckus Networks' Support Portal?

Customer Environment

Any Ruckus product, Ruckus Networks' Support Portal Customer wants to open a case


Information required before opening a support case:
  1. Brief description of the issue
  2. Product information (Like SN, Firmware Version, Build)
  3. Controller and AP information (Total number of AP's Vs AP's affected)
  4. Best time to reach (along with time zone)
  5. Preferred mode of contact
  6. Your Full Name
  7. Email ID
  8. Contact Number
  9. Login ID (In case of Ruckus Cloud issues)
Also during the case progression, Ruckus support engineer might need more information to best analyze and identify the root cause of a problem. The data should be sufficient for TSEs to file a bug with the Engineering team, if required.
Opening a Support Case with Ruckus Networks:

1. Navigate to and click "Log in"
  Login Button
2. Enter your Ruckus Wireless Support credentials in the fields provided. 
Ruckus Login

3. If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot password" to receive a password reset email.
4. If you do not have a Ruckus Wireless Support Account, click "Join now" to setup a new account.
5. Once logged in, you should use the "What do you need help with?" search facility to discover whether an answer to your issue already exists in our knowledge base. Our Technical Forums can also be used to pose questions before opening a case.
Knowledge and Forum

6. If you still need to open a case with Ruckus, click "Submit A Case"
Submit a case

7. The type of case being opened should be selected in the "Case Type" section.
8. The priority of the case should be set in the "Priority" section.
Case Type and Priority
9. Priority should be set according to the below table.
P1 - CriticalNetwork service is down and business is impacted. No known workaround.
P2 - HighNetwork or service is impacted but not down. Business impact may be high. Workaround may be available.
P3 - MediumNetwork or service is moderately impacted but most business remains functional.
P4 - LowRequest for information, product documentation or product enhancements.
** Please note:
P1 cases cannot be raised through the support portal - please phone support or use the Live Chat function to raise a P1.
P2 cases need to be confirmed by phone or live chat within 15 minutes or will automatically revert to a P3.

10. An Administration or Ruckus Cloud case requires a Subject (brief description of the fault), Description (in-depth description of the fault) and an optional "Searchable Reference Number" (a free-text field which can be used to record a customer's internal reference number). Once selected, "Best way to contact me" will be the method Ruckus Technical Support uses to initially contact the case opener.
User-added image
 11. A Software case requires the same information as an Administration or Ruckus Cloud case but in addition, the product name and software version are required.
User-added image
12. When reporting suspected faulty hardware (which is either covered by warranty or a support contract), shipping information needs to be recorded in the relevant fields.
User-added image

13. If an RMA is required for a virtual machine (vSZ, vSPoT), the defective serial number and the serial number of the new unit is required.
User-added image

14. Once case type and priority have been set and all supporting information have been entered, click "Submit" to open a case with Ruckus.Networks.
User-added image
15. Once processing is complete, a new screen will appear. This displays the Case Number which will be used as the reference for all communications regarding the reported issue. An email will be sent to the originator of the case confirming case opening.
User-added image
16. Attachments to the case can be uploaded at this point (logs, backups, screenshots, etc.) by clicking the "Attachments" tab and uploading the relevant files.
User-added image
17. Any emails sent regarding the case are archived in the "Email Messages" tab.
User-added image
Note: Active entitlement on the device is required to get uninterrupted service from Ruckus. Ruckus prioritize the delivery of support based on the support entitlement.

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