7731 PtP Bridge - How to set Static Channel


Some environments require that PtP bridges not change channel, you can specify a static channel thru AP GUI.


7731 PtP Bridge - How to set Static Channel

Customer Environment

7731 point-to-point bridges used to span wireless space.

Root Cause

When tenants co-exist on some structures, they agree to use pre-determined /best performing channels, and stay on them.


If you have been instructed to "lock down" the 7731 point to point bridge frequency channel,
you can view the current channel in use, and configure the bridge to stay on this channel.

Figure 1:  Status::Wireless

Current channel in use is Channel 100, and the 7731 is currently set for SmartSelect channel algorithm.

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Figure 2:  Configuration :: Wireless :: Root Bridge

Use the Channel drop-down list to find the Channel 100 currently in use and click on it.
This will keep the Root Bridge AP setting on Channel 100.  (SmartSelect is default).

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