Why aren't the subscribed AP licenses showing in GUI?


Article describes about the steps which are to be performed when the licenses are not available on the Ruckus Cloud UI


Why aren't the subscribed AP licenses showing in GUI?

Customer Environment

Ruckus Cloud paid account

Root Cause

Flexera ID did not synchronize with salesforce


Contact Ruckus Customer Support


If you have purchased and activated Ruckus Cloud AP license subscription and are unable to see the licenses, it might be because of the sync issue between Cloud and Ruckus internal tools.

In such a scenario, please click on the Refresh button, which is under Administration -> Licenses 

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If you are still unable to see the licenses (would suggest to try the above steps again, after 15-20 minutes from the license activation time) please raise a ticket with Ruckus Support team

Note: While initiating a ticket with us, please enable Ruckus Support (Under Administration -> Support) for the support team to look at your account,

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October 29, 2018 09:43 PM (almost 4 years ago)

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