Account does not match the sales order Error


Error while trying to activate support or license activation codes in Ruckus Support portal.


Account does not match the sales order Error

Customer Environment

This error is encountered when customer is trying to activate the codes in Ruckus Support portal: All Ruckus Customers

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Please verify the account information, when you come across the below activation error
                          User-added image
  • Email with "XYZ" account which is used to activate the code does not match the account name in the Sales Order. 
  • STEP 1: Check the account name under which the contact is registered to, by going to 
                        User-added image

STEP 2 : Check the VAR/EU name in the Sales Order / SPA

            Check End-user account name from activation code PDF file

STEP 3: Contact which is trying to register the SUP/LIC/RTU should have the same account name as that of SO.
               - Partner should activate Partner Support
               - EU support to be activated by End User


  • If the Login email and the SO are registered to 2 different accounts, Please contact us
  • We will verify the login details and the PO/SO information and make the necessary changes to go through successful activation process

          User-added image

           User-added image

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May 14, 2021 12:05 PM (almost 2 years ago)

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