How do I enable/disable LEDs of vSZ managed APs?


LEDs are turned off but there are a couple of ways to enable/disable lights on the vSZ controlled APs.


How do I enable/disable LEDs of vSZ managed APs?

Customer Environment

vSZ, vSCG, SZ100 managing any model APs.


There are two locations where you can disable/enable LEDs of APs of a vSCG/SZ controller.
You can disable/enable LEDs for an AP Zone per model of that Zone or you make the change AP specific.

For AP Zone model-specific:
- Go to Access Points > AP Zones, then choose the Zone.
- Go to the AP Model Specific Configuration, select an AP Model
- Then on the Status LEDs either disable or enable, to disable or enable LEDs

For AP specific:
- Go to Access Points tab and locate the AP mac that you want to enable/disable LED
- Click on Model Specific Options, select Override zone configuration
- Then select to disable or enable LED.

Exception:  If you have an SCG200 or vSCG/SZc and the AP is in a staging zone, you will not be able to make this change while the AP is in the staging zone.

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