How to update the support contract when its not reflecting after activation?


On rare occasions the support contract will take time to get updated or does not get updated even after the activation on the Ruckus Support Portal is completed.


How to update the support contract when its not reflecting after activation?

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There is no need to panic when you are unable to view the status of the support contract even after activating it on the Ruckus Portal.
This happens on very rare occasions and could be due to possible temporary issues either with the Ruckus Support portal or the browser etc. 

Note: If the Support activation is for Smart Devices (vSZ/SZ/Ruckus Cloud/SCI) directly contact us.

Basic Checks that need to be done when this happens are as follows.

  • Most of the activation/renewals would have been automatically activated for the hardware products since the SN is provided while placing the order, so you might have not received a confirmation when you are activating the support but the asset would have the status updated, check the status once by going to Asset management

  • Select Assets -> Select Hardware Summary (img.1) -> Select the Model (use Search or select the product from list img.2 -> followed by the SN of the Unit (Use Search or click on SN from list img .3)

            User-added image 

            User-added image

            User-added image
  • If you are not able to view the support under the Support entitlement section (img.4), this needs to be updated

              User-added image


There is no work around, so please contact Ruckus Customer Support


If you are not able to view the status on the Asset management section and since using the same activation code to activate the support contract does not work, we will update it from our end, so please contact us

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