Why can't I get more than 1Mbps on my client tput test when I'm connected right next to AP?


Wireless client is getting in the most part a really bad tput though the configuration is done correctly on the vSCG 3.0.4 SW. Client connects fine and gets 1Mbps or below and then suddenly it would jump to something like 50Mbps and then drop down to 1Mbps. Rate limiting is not enabled.


Why can't I get more than 1Mbps on my client tput test when I'm connected right next to AP?

Customer Environment

vSCG with R600 APs, running Dlink 1510 switches.

Root Cause

Root cause of the issue is that the Dlink is running an older SW version.

Troubleshooting Steps

- checked WLAN configuration, it was optimized.
- replaced R600 with R700, still issue was present.
- connected 2 clients to two different APs and saw weird log messages from the clients.
- we saw loop detect messages.
- checked all APs to see if there were more than one of the ports was connected to switch, but only one ethernet drop was connected, as per recommendation.




The support info files showed that the clients were seeing the following messages:
May  5 23:28:45 RuckusAP user.warn kernel: br0: d4:f4:6f:1c:e0:8f: loop detected, hostonly

We did various troubleshooting, listed above, to see if there was anything related to the AP or the connections from AP to switch.  No issues at the AP or connection were encountered.

The switch model was a Dlink 1510.  Once the SW was upgraded to 1.21.bz05 the issue disappeared.  The issue was related to the switch running an older FW version.

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May 05, 2015 06:09 PM (almost 8 years ago)

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