How to activate and download RDY (Redundant controller) support and licenses?


Activating the RDY support on secondary ZD and downloading RDY licenses from support portal


How to activate and download RDY (Redundant controller) support and licenses?

Customer Environment

ZD SR Setup


Have both the Primary and Secondary ZD serial numbers ready.
Open the Support Purchase Acknowledgement (SPA) email you have received from Ruckus/Disti/VAR for your order.            User-added image  
  • Copy the activation code from the activation email 
           User-added image
  • Paste the activation code into the dialog box and click on Validate
?           User-added image     
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on Activate Purchase       
           User-added image
  • Click on the Hyper link for the product code. This is a very important step, as this binds the product SN to the support contract and to generate the license  
           User-added image
  • Primary serial number is the main controller SN and support serial number is the redundant or backup SN. Enter the SN’s and click Submit?
            Note: Read the SN's before submitting, as the ZD licenses once activated, cannot be transferred over

           User-added image
  • Click on Download License if the license status says Active 
           User-added image           
  • If the license status says Pending, please allow 30 minutes for the licenses to be available
  • Once License status says Active, click on Download to download the license
  • The file should be of .LIC extension

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