How does licensing works on SCG in cluster when the RMA is performed?


Article explains about the licensing concept on SCG cluster, when the RMA is performed on a unit which is part of cluster


How does licensing works on SCG in cluster when the RMA is performed?

Customer Environment

SCG cluster network

Root Cause

License Key Links to 1 SCG in a cluster.


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When the RMA is processed on a controller which is part of cluster and If there were any licenses associated with the defective unit identified in the RMA, 
  1. Ruckus will send the new LKU files to the customer email address associated with the RMA
  2. The license file can be manually downloaded by the customer from Ruckus Support portal

Below are the scenarios and the way the licenses work in cluster, when the controller in the cluster fails:  

For Example:
If there are 4 SCG's that are part of cluster SCG-A, SCG-B, SCG-C and SCG-D and the licenses are purchased on SCG-C

Scenario 1 – SCG-A, B or D fails:

  1. Controller can be replaced with no impact to licensing, since all the licenses are on SCG-C

  2. Replacement unit can be added anytime and the license are applied across the cluster

Scenario 2 – SCG-C fails:

  1. SCG-C licenses are still available on the cluster for 45 days, so there will not be any impact on the cluster for 45 days

  2. A spare SCG (SCG-E) can be added to the cluster and it works fine till the 45th day

  3. After 45 days, units A, B, D and E will cease operation, if SCG-C is not replaced with Ruckus

  4. There will not be any impact on the cluster, If SCG-C is replaced with Ruckus and if the replacement SCG is part of cluster

Scenario 3 – If the licenses are upgraded on the other controller (SCG-A) part of cluster

  1. The below table explains about how the licenses are managed across the cluster, when 100 AP licenses are upgraded on SCG-A, which is part of cluster:

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