How can a VAR view their End User's account?


Article provides instructions on how a VAR contact can view their End User's account to manage end users assets, licenses and support contracts


How can a VAR view their End User's account?

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If there are any issues or errors, please contact Ruckus Customer Support with the below information
  1. Screenshot of the error message
  2. VAR login email id
  3. End user login id
  4. Name of the VAR company account
  5. Name of the End user company account


VAR/Reseller/Partner contacts can view what their end users have purchased, I.e. Registered assets, licenses, activated support contracts, To be activated support contracts, Cloud subscription, etc by masquerading as the end user. All this can be accomplished at Ruckus Wireless Support portal

Note: You (Partners) can masquerade as the end user, only when the PO/SO processed with Ruckus had your(Partners) account name on it.

In order to view end users products and licenses, both the VAR and the end user contact must have created their support login account for the Ruckus Wireless Support portal. If you do not have a support login, you can request for one at 

Need help with the registration? - refer article

Once you are logged into the Support portal, follow the below steps to masquerade as the end user:

  1. Click on View Customers

    User-added image

  2. The VAR contact should be able to view the list of end users

    User-added image

  3. Click on the end user account name

  4. Click on Switch To The Account

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  5. Now the VAR/Reseller contact can Masquerade as the end user contact. Note the bar at the top of the Ruckus Wireless Support portal

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  6. You can stop "masquerading" as the End User contact, by clicking on "Return to being yourself".

Further, you can click on Cases, Assets to view the product, licenses and support contract details of the end user.

You will also be able to Activate Purchase, Register Warranty, Download Licenses for your end user.

In case if you do not see Switch To The Account option and have the warning message as This account requires explicit permission from the admin in order for you to access it. please note that it is because of the end user dealing with 2 or more Reseller.

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In order to get access to such end customers, end user contact needs to give viewing permission to the VAR contact. So, please have your end customer to delegate their account. Below are the steps that are need to be performed in order to delegate:
  1. The end user contact must log in to

  2. Click on my My Support Account

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  3. Click on Delegate Account

    User-added image

  4. Enter the email id of the VAR/Reseller contact and click on Allow Masquerade

    User-added image


  5. Now the access is delegated to a VAR/Reseller contact

    User-added image

  6. And the VAR/Reseller contact has permission to view the end user's account

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