How can I add more contacts on the Support portal?


Article describes about an existing support portal user adding/inviting new users on the support portal


How can I add more contacts on the Support portal?

Customer Environment

Existing Ruckus customer inviting new users on the support portal


Please contact Ruckus Customer Support, in case If there are any errors or the newly added contact cannot access the support portal.


An existing portal user from an account can add more users from his/her company to the support portal. In order for that to happen, existing portal user must first be assigned an "Account Administrator" role/access on Ruckus support portal.

For example, if John Doe of  XYZ company is assigned an "Account Administrator", John Doe can add other people from his company to the Ruckus support site.

Here are the steps that the existing portal user has to go through to add more contacts to his/her company account.

  1. Log in to the Support portal
  2. Click on My Support Account
  3. Click on Users OR Add Users
  4. Click on + New User
  5. Enter the email id of the contact that you wish to add
  6. Click on Add User

The contact that has been added will get an auto-email with a link to register his/her contact with Ruckus, by clicking on the link in the email, the contact can register himself/herself on the support portal

Need more information - Please follow the instructions mentioned in the attached document which has got step by step instructions along with the screenshots.


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