Any way to measure page load times in Chrome?


By default browser has a built-in feature that allows to see the page load time over a timeline, element by element. This articles explains how this works.


Any way to measure page load times in Chrome?

Customer Environment

Customer is using hotspot and complains on boarding page is loading very slow

Root Cause

Random webpage load failures

Troubleshooting Steps

You can troubleshoot web page loading issue using inspect page option available on browsers


If you are in a Chrome/ Firefox web browser here is how to measure the page load times for any website:
1. Right click on page and click inspect page. This will open an analysis section in the browser.
2. Type any website that you would like to visit (internal or external to your organization).
3. As the page loads you will see all the elements involved in the webpage (under the "Elements" tab).
4. If you want to see how long each element took and the timeline of their loading you have to click on the "Network" tab.

Some browsers may declare webpage load failures if it takes beyond certain threshold time value. This can also depend on the device type.

The feature described above can be used to baseline various websites although it is limited to Chrome.

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