Why I see N/A as the value under Noise and Signal-to-Noise ratio columns?


This article explains what causes noise and signal-to-noise ratio values not to show up when a user places mouseover on any part on the map.


Why I see N/A as the value under Noise and Signal-to-Noise ratio columns?

Customer Environment

Customer using ZonePlanner for predictive site survey using Ruckus APs

Root Cause

N/A value show up for noise and signal-to-noise ratio columns

Troubleshooting Steps

Site survey using ZonePlanner involves following steps at minimum to see the predictive coverage:
1. Place a floor map
2. Mention dimensions
3. Mention obstacles on the map
4. Decide which Ruckus AP models to use
5. Placement of APs
6. Generating coverage maps
7. Iterate steps 3-6 until coverage and capacity objectives are met

During the planning stage, a user can see signal, physical data rate, throughput, noise, and SNR values at any location by placing a cursor.
ZonePlanner assumes a clean environment. So the interference and noise can only come from other APs on the same floor map. Unless there are at least 2 or more APs on the same channel within a hearing distance, the map will indicate N/A for noise and SNR columns.

If you have strict non-overlapping channels or overlapping channels separated by considerable distance, noise and SNR columns will remain as N/A.

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February 26, 2014 07:24 AM (over 8 years ago)

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