After upgrade unable to access GUI with message as "Error: 404 -- Not Found"


ZD GUI gives a 404 message.


After upgrade unable to access GUI with message as "Error: 404 -- Not Found"

Customer Environment

After upgrading the Zone Director the GUI access is not working with error message as Error: 404 -- Not Found in browser and only SSH is works

Root Cause

The issue could be due to the corrupted firmware

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the below steps :

* Check the '
STATUS' light on the Zone Director
* See if you are able to ping/access the configured or default IP address
* If you are having ping reply check if you are able to SSH into the ZD and get access
* When you are in SSH session execute the below command to see which version the ZD is running and take a screenshot of it
  ruckus> enable
  ruckus# show sysinfo

Next open a ticket with Ruckus Support, update the findings and results so we could assist further


> Try accessing the Zone Director on different browser/Laptop/Desktop

> If installed certificates in the Zone Director, execute the commands in the below link

> Try rebooting/power cycle the Zone Director

> If its ZD1100 and the 'STATUS' light is Off try the below article link

> If the 'STATUS' is solid green and have access using SSH we would suggest to take Back Up using below article

> Once you took the back up try Factory defaulting the Zone Director and see if you you are able to get access it

> If still facing please open ticket through support site


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