Can I keep an AP in Standalone mode on a ZD managed network?


You can configure Standalone APs to not join ZDs on the network.


Can I keep an AP in Standalone mode on a ZD managed network?

Customer Environment

AP, ZD, standalone mode AP that the customer wants to use in Solo AP mode (not join ZD).

Root Cause

AP joined ZD when connected in the same network

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Try accessing the AP GUI with default credentials

2. Try accessing with different browsers

3. Check if there is any ZD present in the same network


To configure Access Point in Standalone mode to not connect to a ZoneDirector in the network, provide bogus ZD IP address(es) to look for.

If Access Point is managed by Zone Director then Factory default and proceed as below:

1. Before connecting to the Access Point in the network, connect Access Point to laptop and SSH into it using applications like Putty.

2. Provide the IP address of the Access Point( to ssh into it. Log in with AP credentials

Username: super
password: sp-admin

3. After successful login, execute the below commands:

rkscli: set director ip
** Please reboot for this change to take effect
rkscli: reboot

After a successful reboot of Access Point, connect the AP back to the network.

Now Access Point will look for ZD with IP address (which are not present) and hence would work in Standalone mode.


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