Is there a way to do multi-floor 3D planning with ZonePlanner


Using a 3D view with AirMagnet ZonePlanner


Is there a way to do multi-floor 3D planning with ZonePlanner


Q:  Is there a way to allow multi-floor planning in a single project? At the moment, it seems that I can only work on a single layout per project.
It would be great if we can work on multiple layouts on a single project, and have a way to stack these floors to see how coverage is also affected between floors.
A:  No currently Zone Planner can’t show multi-floor/3D planning. There is some way to create projects within projects, but it’s really not intuitive to use or view and still doesn’t give you 3D planning.
If you just want to show multiple floors on the same project use a screen capture/edit tool to consolidate all the floor plans into 1 project view, but that is likely to make it run very slow if you have lots of structure and APs…
Most commonly it's more efficient to use single floor planning for now.

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January 11, 2014 01:58 PM (over 8 years ago)

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