What are Troubleshooting steps to perform when AP is not powering on by PoE?


Steps to troubleshoot AP power issues, including switch port capabilities / total load, per number of AP power requirements.


What are Troubleshooting steps to perform when AP is not powering on by PoE?

Customer Environment

ICX7250 24P R610

Root Cause

ICX does not correctly allocate PoE budget for the respective port when AP is using PoE injector.

Troubleshooting Steps

Basic POE troubleshooting
  1. Check whether the Ethernet cable is connected to the proper PoE port of the AP or not.  Is it rated correctly for distance between switch/AP (Cat5/5e, Cat6/6a)?
  2. Try another port on the switch.
  3. Try a different cable if possible. Check the cable ends for damage, corrosion, etc.
  4. Check the switch configuration to ensure POE of the proper type is enabled. [ 802.3af (802.3at Type1 'PoE'), 802.3 at (802.3at Type2 'PoE+') ].
  5. Check the switch which you are using has PoE option or not. Also check the specific Ethernet port. Some of the switches will have PoE enabled for some specific Ethernet ports only.
  6. If practical, try another AP on the same switch port. If it powers up, first AP may have a bad AP PoE port (RMA).
  7. When multiple APs are connected to the PoE switch, Keep an eye on the PoE budget also. If the PoE budget of the switch is exceeded then the AP(s) will not get power from the Switch.
  8. Check whether the PoE output specification of the switch is compatible with the AP's PoE port or not, for example 802.3 af / 802.3at.

Note: These guidelines relate to all manufacturer PoE switches (not just ICX) and Ruckus APs.


Apply PoE by class, class 4 for R610 model AP.



Apply PoE by class, class 4 for R610 model AP.

Indoor R610 802.11ac Wave 2 3x3:3 WiFi Access Point Data Sheet:


Power Supply........................Mode Features, Max Power consumption

DC input 12V DC, 2.0A.........Full Functionality, 19.1W

802.3af.................................Limits 2.4G to 2-chain,noUSB,1Eth port, 15W

802.3at.................................Full Functionality, 18.8W

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