How do I access Ruckus Knowledge Base content?


Basic guidelines for accessing and using Ruckus Knowledge Base content via the Support Portal


How do I access Ruckus Knowledge Base content?

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All Ruckus Support Portal Users.


For any other concerns, please contact Ruckus Customer Support.


Ruckus Knowledge Base Articles (KB) are available from our online Support Portal.

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The KB & Forums -> Knowledge Base Search will open the Legacy search view with a link to the New search that appears under the KNOWLEDGE tab across the top and the NEW Advanced Search window facets.  (try NEW advanced search)

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Note the various CONTENT SOURCES that are now available for filtering.
Only Knowledge content tagged as External will be available on the Support Portal and only those tagged as PUBLIC access will be available without a login. Note the limited number of RESULTS that are shown here when not logged in. Login to see more content.

Ruckus Support Portal provides many different levels of access for Distributors, Partners and End Customers. 

Guest access: You will have this by default, when you create an account directly by Registering For A Support Account.
This level of account has limited access to Knowledge Base (KB) articles and prompts a warning message To access that KB Article please upgrade your support account on some articles.
It does not allow access to Software Downloads.
However, you can access Ruckus Forums with Guest access. 

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Warranty Access: This level of access is given to the customers who are part of an account which is registered with Ruckus and also an account with no or expired support contract. We do not currently have a way to allow customers under warranty (only) to obtain full site access. However, if you only need to update Standalone AP firmware, you no longer require a support contract.

Premium Access: If you have purchased Support Contract, you will automatically get this level of access, which provides full access to Downloads, Knowledge Base, Forums, and Case Management content.

Note: If you have Premium Access and are still unable to access support documents from the support site it is most likely due to browser issues. Kindly, use a different browser or clear the cookies and cache from the browser and try to login again. If issues persist, please contact Ruckus Customer Support.

Premium access for Ruckus Distributors and VAR's/Resellers - This provides you access to our Partner Portal along with the Support Portal. Please contact your account representative for details. 

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