How to backup and restore the FlexMaster's database?


FM has an option to backup and restore the database. It comes handy in case of any corruption either to the hosted OS or to the machine itself. There is also an alternate way to do this via Linux CLI. Both methods are covered in this article.


How to backup and restore the FlexMaster's database?

Customer Environment

FlexMaster is used as an Element Management System (EMS) for Ruckus APs and Ruckus ZoneDirectors.

Root Cause

Standard backup and restore mechanism is part of FCAPS which provides a framework for network management.


1. How to backup DB in Flexmaster

You can backup DB using FlexMaster UI. Go to Administer -> DB Backup/Restore.

DB backup will cause FlexMaster be restarted, and if DB is big, it can take a while for backup to be finished.

You can backup DB with linux commands too, if you do this way, you must shutdown FlexMaster before you start to take backup. Once the backup is done, restart the FM.

cd /opt/FlexMaster


cd 3rdparty/mysql/mysql-enterprise-5.1.53-linux-x86_64-glibc23

tar –zcvf data_<sn_FM>.tgz data
Ex: tar –zcvf data_201006011115.tgz data Then you can find backup file under /opt/FlexMaster/3rdparty/mysql/mysql-enterprise-5.1.53-linux-x86_64-glibc23. The file name is data_201006011115.tgz

2. How to restore DB?
You can restore DB using FlexMaster UI, go to Administer -> DB Backup/Restore.
The alternate way to restore is to use command line.

cd /opt/FlexMaster


cd /opt/FlexMaster/3rdparty/mysql/mysql-enterprise-5.1.53-linux-x86_64-glibc23

rm –rf data (removes the current database)

tar –zxvf data_201006011115.tgz

cd /opt/FlexMaster


3. How to perform auto backup of FM's db?
Go to Administer --> DB Backup/Restore. Enable the auto backup under the "
Schedule Backup Task" section. Frequency and time values can be adjusted within this section.
Since the db backup makes FM unavailable for regular usage, it is suggested to do this backup during minimum usage time.

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