What does the Ruckus Customer Support portal provide?


This article describes the main features of the Ruckus Customer portal as a comprehensive support tool that gives the customer a single destination to address their support needs.


What does the Ruckus Customer Support portal provide?

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Ruckus Support portal is a comprehensive support tool that gives the customer a single destination to address their support needs.

For example, Customers will be able to search a Knowledge base for technical and non-technical information, open cases, track RMA status, download S/W updates or track their registered products. Descriptions of the available features are listed below:

  1. Ruckus support Knowledge base: Gives you an answer to almost all your queries. Allows you to search by Product

  2. Open & Track Cases: As the name implies, provides the capability to initiate a support case with Ruckus and follow the activity through resolution.
    Allows the user to add and receive comments after the original submission.

  3. Request and track RMAs: Customers can create a request for an RMA. Ruckus Support will review the request, determine the RMA entitlement, and generate AR or RTF RMA depending on the product entitlement. Once the RMA is created, it will be displayed under CASES -> RMA's

  4. Forums: A facility to exchange ideas with your peers

  5. Temporary License: Provides a 30-day temporary license on the ZoneDirector, if you haven’t received your permanent license and if you need to install a product

  6. Registered Product Tracking: Provides a list of all products that are registered under your account and displays the status of support contract on them

  7. Log Analyzer: A tool that will interpret results of a log file

  8. Support Chat: Allows the user to contact Ruckus and conduct the support transaction using chat versus phone, email or Portal Cases

There are 3 different types of access levels titled Guest, Premium and Warranty. Have a look at to https://support.ruckuswireless.com/account know the difference between Guest and Premium access

Warranty Access: This level of access is given to the customers who are part of an account which is registered with Ruckus and also an account with no or expired support contract. We do not have a way to allow customers under warranty (only) to obtain full site access.

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